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Xtar VC2 Battery Charger

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Product Information

The Xtar VC2 battery charger is ideal for charging 18650 batteries and can charge up to two batteries at once. A digital read-out displays the battery voltage and capacity while it’s charging. This charger also has a 0V activation function to “wake-up” over discharged batteries that have been out of use for a long while. Pair this charger with an extra 18650 battery and you will always be ready to vape.

*Note: this charger does not detect the entire capacity of the battery, only the capacity gained while charging.


  • Includes one charging base and USB cable (works with almost any wall charging block)
  • Reactivates over discharged batteries from 0V
  • 15 day return/exchange
  • 24 month warranty

*Note: warranty details included in the product packaging