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Wisconsin Frost™

Menthol Tobacco

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Product Information

Tobacco menthol PG-free e-liquid. Perfect for people who are looking for a balance of earthy tobacco and smooth peppermint with a cooling finish.

If you’re looking for something that has more cooling menthol and less mint, checkout our Tundra menthol e-liquid. Want a more powerful peppermint flavor? You'll probably enjoy our Peppermint e-Liquid. Looking for a menthol vape with more bite, a stronger cooling sensation, and mint? You may prefer our Birchwood Menthol e-liquid. Does your tank need a PG/VG blend? Arctic Menthol is a tobacco menthol blend with a PG/VG base.

Recommended for cartomizers, Canteen™ tanks, the Canteen™ Pro, TCCs, BDCs, and other Pro-class tanks. If you’re using a Canteen™ Elite, another SubTank class tank, RDA, or RBA, you may experience leaks, flavor inconsistencies, and performance issues with this flavor. Our High-VG e-Liquids have been formulated to work better in that gear.

  • High Quality, VG-based Smoke Juice
  • 100% PG-Free
  • Manufactured in Hartland, WI, USA
  • All ingredients sourced from American companies
  • Usually ships same day if ordered before 9AM CT (details)
  • 30-day Return Policy (30mL bottles only)

 This e-Liquid was reformulated on 8/6/16. Reviews before that date would reflect the old flavor.

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