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Whipped Vanilla Meringue

Sweet & Airy Marshmallow

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Product Information

Delicate, toasted, sweet and with a hint of vanilla. Whipped Vanilla Meringue is the perfect match to the sweet, rich, airiness of a marshmallow. This dessert vape is ideal for people who feel that other dessert e-Liquids are too heavy for their tastes.

Recommended for the Canteen™ Elite, RDAs, RBAs, and other SubTank class tanks, but has been formulated to perform in the Canteen™ and Canteen™ Pro class tanks as well!

  • 70/30 VG/PG ratio
  • Manufactured in Hartland, WI, USA
  • All ingredients sourced from American companies
  • Usually ships same day if ordered before 9AM CT
  • 30-day Return Policy on 30mL bottles.
  • No returns on 10mL sample bottles.

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