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30mL bottle with barrel. An ultra-premium tobacco e-Liquid aged in charred whiskey barrels. Tremendously smooth and flavorful.

Founder's Reserve™

Premium, Whiskey-Barreled e-Liquid

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Product Information

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Founder’s Reserve™ is a premium e-Liquid aged in whiskey barrels. The wooden barrels are charred on the interior then aged with whiskey, which imparts tremendous flavor and smoothness. The flavor, the vapor, and the experience are all part of the true craftsmanship and artisan pride that goes into our e-Liquid. With Founder’s Reserve™ we went even further to achieve a special flavor that is equal parts smooth and authentic tobacco notes. The barrel-aged flavor enhances the tobacco and nutty essences for a well-rounded and amazing flavor. This is an exclusive vape for those looking to elevate their experience. Available in 30mL bottles, your choice of 0.6% and 1.0% nicotine levels. 

Recommended for cartomizers, Canteen™ tanks, the Canteen™ Pro, TCCs, BDCs, and other Pro-class tanks. If you’re using a Canteen™ Elite, another SubTank class tank, RDA, or RBA, you may experience leaks, flavor inconsistencies, and performance issues with this flavor. Our High-VG line has been formulated to work better in that gear.

  • 50/50 [VG/PG] ratio
  • Manufactured in Hartland, WI, USA
  • All ingredients sourced from American companies
  • Usually ships same day if ordered before 9AM CT
  • Due to the special nature of this flavor, there are no refunds or exchanges

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