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Coffee Tobacco

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Product Information

Wake up your taste buds! We start with JC's rich tobacco flavors wrapped around natural coffee beans and rounded off with creamy natural vanilla. Vapor emits the pleasing coffee aroma we have all grown to love. This flavor has a light tobacco base and just a hint of clove.

Recommended for cartomizers, Canteen™ tanks, the Canteen™ Pro, TCCs, BDCs, and other Pro-class tanks. If you’re using a Canteen™ Elite, another SubTank class tank, RDA, or RBA, you may experience leaks, flavor inconsistencies, and performance issues with this flavor. Our High-VG e-Liquids line have been formulated to work better in that gear.

  • High Quality, PG-based e-Liquid
  • Manufactured in Hartland, WI, USA
  • All ingredients sourced from American companies
  • Usually ships same day if ordered before 9AM CT (details)
  • 30-day Return Policy (30mL bottles only)
This e-Liquid was reformulated on 8/6/16. Reviews before that date would reflect the old flavor.

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