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Aluminum Canteen™ Mouthpieces

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Product Information

Effective 1/15/17, you must be 21+ to order any product from our website. If you'd like more information regarding the changes, please refer to our blog post.

These durable aluminum mouthpieces are fantastic accessories for the avid user of the Johnson Creek Canteen™. Each order comes with three anodized aluminum mouthpieces that are reusable. Select your color preference: choose between the matte black or the reflective metallic red. Whether you’re looking for a resilient mouthpiece, a few extra replacements to keep on-hand or a more fitting color option, this product will take care of your need.

  • Made out of durable, anodized aluminum
  • Color options include a matte black or reflective metallic red
  • Each purchase comes with three (3) mouthpieces
  • Designed for resilience and interchangeability with any Canteen™
  • These do NOT fit the Canteen™ Pro Tank

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