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Urgent News for Vapers in Indiana

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Indiana law HB 1432 will go into effect on July 1, 2016. Many of you have been following this information very closely and you may already know that the attempt at getting an injunction has failed.
As things are now, we will no longer be able to ship any products to Indiana starting July 1, 2016.
As the law is currently written, it will be illegal to sell, transport, giveaway, use, or possess e-liquids that were made by a facility that does not have an Indiana license.  Only a few licenses have been issued. No more licenses will be issued.
There are still legal challenges and this law may end up overturned. If that happens then we will resume shipping to Indiana.

Hoosier Vapers is a vaping advocacy group in Indiana. They have a lot of information on their website regarding the law, as well as ways that you can help fight this legislation.

  • Click here to read the law. 
  • Click here to read a summary of the law by the Indianapolis Business Journal. 
  • Click here to visit the home page of Hoosier Vapes and learn how you can help.

We also urge you to contact your state legislators and let them know how you feel about this law. You can find your Senators and Representatives by clicking here.
Indiana vapers have been kind to us over the years and we’re saddened the laws governing Indiana will prevent us from continuing to serve you. We will continue to watch this and fight for your access to e-liquids of your choice. Please learn about how you can get involved and fight with us.
Thank you for eight years of support. 
Please contact Customer Relations if you have any questions at We’re here to help you through these changes.


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