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Robust and unbeatably authentic tobacco e-liquid

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It's time to delight your senses with small batch, naturally extracted tobacco e-liquid from Black Note. Crafted using a natural cold extraction process, the e-liquid does not contain chemical additives, artificial flavors or sweeteners. Grab all six flavors from Black Note, right here at Johnson Creek™.

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These six Black Note flavors are 50/50 blends and can be found in the Traditional collection. Traditional e-liquids are crafted for use with cartomizers, clearomizers and small tank devices.

Cultivated in volcanic Italian soil, Forte delivers the full-bodied taste of Burley tobacco. Shop now »

Flue-cured Italian Kentucky tobacco; a process that gives Legato an undeniably sweet, mildly nutty flavor. Shop now »

Prelude is a Virginia tobacco blend that derives its light, bright taste from the sandy soil surrounding the Italian Alps. Shop now »

A rare blend of sun and smoked-cured Syrian Latakia tobacco, Quartet has a peppery, smoky taste that’s as robust as it is delicious. Shop now »

Made with cured Virginia tobacco and mature mint leaves, Solo is a mellow menthol flavor sure to appeal to any vaper. Shop now »

Applying a centuries’ old curing process, Sonata uses pressure to infuse dark Virginia tobacco with a robust richness. Shop now »

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