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NEW Tobacco and Menthol E-liquids + 100% PG-Free!

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Menthol lovers? Tobacco connoisseurs? Wow do we have a treat for you today. We'd like to introduce you to four new flavors from Kai's Virgin Vapor.

Strong, sweet, bold, refreshing. Shop Kai's Virgin Vapor now:

Crafted from all natural, sustainably-sourced organic and vegan based extracts, these flavors are pre-steeped and offer bold flavor profiles. These flavors are extremely potent and highly concentrated, resulting in a pure e-liquid that contains no colorants, fillers, diluting agents or preservatives. Kai's Virgin Vapor flavors are also 100% PG-Free, vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free.

Best Damn Tobacco is a rich and full-bodied flavor, thanks to certified organic tobacco extracts. Shop now »

Black Velvet is a naturally extracted tobacco blend that mimics the ultra smooth taste of a cigarette. Shop now »

Menthol Moon Drops is a strong menthol. Intense by itself and perfect for mixing with other flavors. Shop now »

Northern Lights features a trio of sweet, ripe melons blended with potent and chilling menthol. Shop now »

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