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Introducing the First New Brand to Johnson Creek

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On August 8th, the vaping industry witnessed a market freeze; no new products can be introduced for sale unless approved by the FDA through their pre-market tobacco application (PMTA) process. This market freeze includes any change in current formulas as well. 

This news doesn’t mean the end of new flavors on our website though. We’re excited to announce that starting now, you can grab five new flavors on our website. 

To meet FDA Regulations, these flavors are not new to the market, but they are new to Johnson Creek. They come from a brand that we feel meet our standards and levels of quality. And that brand is, Ethos Vapors.

This is the start of a new and very exciting program through Johnson Creek Vapor Company. Each month we will be adding carefully selected brands to and invite you to shop a store filled with new e-liquid brands from companies who maintain the highest-level of quality anywhere in the world! 

Introducing Ethos Vapors to Johnson Creek

Ethos Vapors is a leading e-liquid and lifestyle brand founded in 2014, focusing on uniqueness and innovation. The core responsibility of Ethos Vapors is to deliver a valuable and meaningful consumer experience throughout the global marketplace. Ethos Vapors product line-up includes five flavors:

Crispy Treats

Crispy Treats Strawberry




All five of these new flavors are available now. You can locate them in the Ethos collection on our website. These five e-liquids are crafted for use with RBA, RDA, RTA and sub-ohm tank devices.

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