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Founder's Reserve™ available tomorrow, June 8th

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Prepare to indulge in our next precisely-aged, whiskey-barreled, limited e-liquid release. Founder's Reserve™ continues to be a truly exquisite flavor, and we're excited to share it with you once again.

Founder’s Reserve is a premium e-liquid aged to perfection in wooden barrels that are charred on the interior and then aged with whiskey. The barrel-aged flavor dramatically enhances the tobacco and nutty essences for a well-rounded, amazing taste.

The flavor, vapor, and experience are all part of the true craftsmanship and artisan pride that go into our e-liquid. With Founder’s Reserve we went even further to achieve a special flavor that is equal parts smooth and authentic tobacco notes. This is an exclusive and limited batch vape for those looking to elevate their experience.

"I agree, this is the best tobacco juice I have ever tasted. Tried another whiskey barrel aged RY4, no comparison." –Charles

"This is the only tobacco flavor I truly enjoy. It has a great throat hit, no resin flavor, and has many distinct flavor notes. I only put it in my high-end atty's." –Daniel

"I want more I feel like an addict lol gotta have more of this. Love Genuine 22 but Love this even more." –Thea

Every bottle of Founder’s Reserve includes an individually numbered certificate of authenticity. Founder's Reserve will be available tomorrow, June 8th, while supplies last.

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