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Big Changes Ahead. Flavor Reformulations & More!

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With the August 8th FDA deadline approaching fast, we’ve been moving quickly to ensure we’re ready for the regulations. We’re not taking any chances and will be implementing three big changes prior to August 6th. We support challenging the regulations via litigation and legislation, but we also believe compliance needs to happen hand in hand.

First, we need to streamline our brands. Moving forward, we’ll have two categories of e-liquid: Traditional e-liquids, and High-VG e-liquids. All flavors, including Birchwood™, will be available in 30mL bottles. 

Traditional e-liquids are crafted for use with the Canteen™ (clearomizers), cartomizers, and small tank devices. Traditional includes Classic, Red Oak™, Birchwood™ and Founder's Reserve™.

High-VG e-liquids are specifically crafted for use with RBA, RDA, RTA and sub-ohm tank devices. 

The Kiln House™ brand will be retired. Genuine No. 22™ and Gold Reserve™ will move to the Red Oak™ brand, and Kiln House™ Silverthorn™ will be retired. Red Oak™ Silverthorn™, and Bold Tobacco will also be retired. As well, the Original Smoke Juice™ brand will be known as Classic.

Second, we need to standardize our nicotine strengths. Moving forward, you will no longer see 1.1% as an option. Birchwood™ strengths will be updated to match our other lines, including more options than previously offered.

Classic & Red Oak™
0.0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%

0.0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%

0.0%, 0.3%, 0.6%, 1.2%

Founder's Reserve™
0.6%, 1.0%

Third, we needed to change some flavors.

As you know we only use American-sourced ingredients and that will never change. Some ingredient vendors have elected to leave the vaping industry. Additionally, a few of our flavors tested with detectable levels of two organic compounds that we’ve decided to eliminate from our recipes. Due to a combination of the reasons above every flavor in our catalog except for Fuzzy Navel, Mint Julep, and Appelanche™ have been reformulated.

We understand that you choose to purchase our e-liquids because you like the flavor. Our goal was to match the flavor or use your feedback to improve them if matching wasn’t possible. Both Silverthorn™ flavors had to be discontinued, but all of our other flavors remain even if they’re a bit different. It’s like making potato salad. If you change brands of mayonnaise, the salad tastes different to some people while other people won’t notice it. So, you may or may not notice a flavor change with some of our flavors.

We also did our best to keep VG/PG ratios the same, but some of those have changed too.

Original Recipes While Supplies LastNew Recipes Available on or before August 6th

Please note, due to all these changes our annual Anniversary Sale will be held in August. We’ll have more details about that soon.

It’s critical that we meet or exceed the federal regulations. If we don’t make these changes, we’ll be unable to serve you. Over the next few years there will be more changes and we’ll do what we can to keep you informed. We can’t navigate this maze of bureaucracy without your support.

Thank you for 8 great years!

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