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New Website, Rewards Program, and more!

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Announcing our New Website

We’ve moved to a new website! Lots of changes happened and we want to keep you informed.


If you had a gift card or store credit, please contact Customer Relations at Don’t worry! We’ll have a record of it. You won’t get shorted.

JCVC Rewards

The JC Trio™ has been replaced with the JCVC Rewards program. This is something many of you have asked for over the years. Now you can earn points every time you shop with Johnson Creek™.


You can also earn points in many different ways, from simply registering an account to recommending friends or sharing on social media. We'll even give you 500 points on your Birthday! From time to time we'll also run promotions where you can earn Bonus Points. Note: You must have a registered account to participate in the JCVC Rewards program.

Age Verification

In compliance with upcoming regulations, all domestic transactions must go through an age verification check that involves checking your information against a governmental database. We don’t see this sensitive information. We use a secure third party that already has access to it. It is critically important that we do everything we can to ensure that our products don’t end up in the hands of minors.

UPDATE 8/16/16: The sum of the last four of your social security number is no longer required to verify your age.


The information that you enter for the age verification step needs to match a government issued ID. The information does not have to match your order information.

Customer Relations can offer some help if this step gives you difficulties, but we cannot override or by-pass the age verification check.

Military Discount Program

We love supporting our troops and retired service members. To continue to receive your discount, you’ll need to register a new account with us and verify your active duty or veteran’s status again. The discount will not change and you’ll be able to earn JCVC Rewards program points for the price you pay for all products.

All of our current Military Discount program members will receive an informative email on Tuesday, June 14 detailing these changes, and the steps needed to register again. Please contact Customer Relations if you have any questions at We’re here to help you through these changes.

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