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Don’t Sweat the Cold

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Our Customer Relations department is hearing some concerns about your orders sitting in mailboxes in subzero temperatures. Some areas of the country are seeing some pretty chilly temps and you’re understandably concerned about what this may do to your e-liquid and your batteries.

We stress test our e-liquid and the extreme cold won’t damage it. You may notice that the liquid is cloudy, but that won’t change the flavor or the nicotine content. We do suggest that you let the bottles get to room temperature before opening them because extreme cold can do wonky things to glass. 

The Vea™ batteries and 18650 batteries are lithium-ion batteries and aren’t as cold weather friendly as our e-liquids. If you have a battery that has been exposed to extremely cold temperatures we suggest that you let the batteries get to room temperature before activating them, using them, or charging them. This is sound advice for any lithium-ion battery whether it’s for an e-cig, a laptop, or a cell phone. 

This applies to tanks as well. Let everything get to room temperature before you open it or use it.

If you think the weather has damaged your items, please, contact Customer Relations at  Most of our e-liquids are covered under a 60-day exchange/return policy and the batteries are covered under a 30-day return policy and a 6-month warranty. We’re here for you even in frigid temps.

Stay warm and vape on!  

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