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Featured Partner for February

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Every month we want to recognize our valued partners. These Partners are B&M stores from around the country that carry our JCVC e-liquid. We thank you for your continued support and are proud to be one of your suppliers.


This month our Featured Partner is Goose’s Tobacco Outlet & Cafe in Limerick, PA. They are a family-owned store and lounge with the goal to sell and service the world of the lit and the unlit!

We ask all of our featured partners a series of questions. Here are their answers:

1. Why did you decide to open your store/carry vaping products?

Goose’s is very diversified. We carry a large variety of Smoking and Vape products. During our 5+ years in operation, we have been focused for the last 3 years on growing our Vape business. We have succeeded to the point where we are the premier Vape shop in the Philly area. We also have a first-class online Vape store,, that has all the latest and greatest Vaping needs… shipped directly to adult consumers. And, we are proud to sell and promote all of Johnson Creek’s quality products!

2. What types of flavors sell best in your store–fruit, dessert, tobacco, etc.?

Tobacco flavors are our best sellers.  However, we also have a large demand for the fruit and dessert flavors.

3. What do you foresee for the vaping industry in the coming year?

Vaping will continue to grow.  However, the experience of Vaping must continue to mimick the cigarette smoking experience for the Vaping community to embrace it as a satisfying substitute for smoking a lit tobacco product.  Also, we feel that FDA regulations could play a role in whether or not this category grows; also, taxation will affect its growth.

4. What Johnson Creek flavor is most popular in your store?

Tennessee Cured, Founders Reserve

5. What do you feel is the coolest thing in your store? What do you feel makes you stand out from other vape shops?


The coolest aspect of our store is our wide variety of Vaping options to our customers; everything from disposable ecigs to VTM’s for the very knowledgeable Vaper.  Also, it is very cool we are primarily a tobacco store, so we understand the tobacco smoker and can relate to what they may need as a substitute for their lit product.  We can intelligently talk to them about Nicotine levels and the ratio between VG/PG for their choice of vape juice.  The thing that also makes us stand out is our friendly atmosphere and professional help we offer each customer that comes to Goose’s.  

6. Any other information about your shop and history?

We have been located at 250 W. Ridge Pike in Limerick PA (30 miles NW of Philadelphia) for 5+ years. We stock and sell full lines of Premium Cigars, Vape products, RYO, Hookah and accessories for all categories mentioned.   Goose’s is a family-owned store and our goal is to sell and service the adult customers that enjoy smoking and vaping product…the world of the lit and the unlit!

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